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Our Ministries

Here at FBI:KP we are growing in every area and expanding in ministry. We have a variety of ministries to help build you up, equip you, and to be a benefit to our community. Below you will see a description of some key ministries here at FBI:KP, but some that are not mentioned, such as our Seniors Ministry, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Ushers & Greeters Ministry and our Sunday School Ministry.

Please come and join us as we endeavor to function not as a club, but as a family. There is always an opportunity to be apart of this flourishing ministry. We welcome you and your family to become a part of our ministry family.

Men's & Women's Ministries 

This minsitry started as a bi-monthly food box ministry that started out with 3 food boxes in the beginning, but as of recently went from 15 food bags to 30 food bag blessings on a monthly basis. We've even shared 50 food bags on special occasions. From there we asked the church to donate some delicately used clothing as a seed, and as the church sowed that seed into our community, the harvest of gently used clothing that has been donated from people in the area, a church in Milton, Ontario, and a tremendous donation from a family in Columbus, Ohio. Evreytime we sow clothing, we always receive a harvest that we almost don't have enough room to receive it. God's provision and blessing is awesome!

Senior's Breakfast & Outreach 

Our Wiidsemshin Minstry is a Senior's Home outreach. As we go with the simple approach to sing the praises of God, we invite the residents to join in with us as we worship Jesus. With singing, testimonies, and fellowship afterwards, we just want to be a blessing and share the love of God to our seniors. 

*Due to the Pandemic restrictions; this ministry is on hold for the time being. 

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is laying a foundation, that will have an impact for generations to come. Laying a foundation of knowing who God has created them to be, and who Christ is in them, will launch them to be a significant part of the Glorious Church! As we build relationships with neighboring church youth groups, we endeavor to build and equip a youth on fire for God. 

We are back up and running on every 2nd Friday evening at 7:00pm.

Media Ministry

Our Media Ministry consists of producing our live service sound, online livestreaming, camera work, and producing our 5 minutes teaching entitled Faith in Five; since this has been written, FBI media has added content such as Morning Prayer with Sister Rue, Faith4Today podcast, Fearless with Ang, and more being planned. This ministry is growing in excellence, and continues to be a key part of FBI:KP. As we use media to impact our local area, we step out by faith to impact a nation for generations to come. Follow us on Facebook: Faithbuilderstv and YouTube: Faith Builders Kettle Point

Special Events

As special events we look to have an impact, and outreach to share the Love of God. We have special meetings with special guests almost on a monthly basis. We hold out door outreaches such as our annual Faith Builders Campmeeting, special meetings, and we even held a "Drive In Service" recently. We have also produced a gala to honour our local Police Service and Fire Department. Our Pastors speak at various events and outreacheds, sharing the Word of Faith. 

Leadership Sessions

As apart of FBI:KP, the heart of Pastor Murray is to build leaders. With many resources from ministries such as Jerry Savelle Ministries, Tony Cooke Ministries, Rod Parsley Minstries, John Maxwell and many more; Brother Micheal Dwyer shares video teaching, books and personal teaching to build and foundation of Biblical Leadership. The first Saturday morning of each month we are blessed to grow in leadership!  

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