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Sow a Seed
Reap a Harvest

Throughtout the Word, God plainly shows that His will is for His covenant people to have a surplus of prosperity. He promised to make Abraham rich, and the promise of Abraham is our today (Gal.3:13-14; Gen.17:6). God's will is prosperity for you - spirit, soul and body. True prosperity is the ability to use God's ability and power to meet the needs of mankind, regardless of what those needs may be. 


We would like to thank you for your seed/donation. You are linking up with us as we move forward and share the gospel and function to be a blessing to our community and region. We pray over your giving and expect you to receive a harvest to meet your every need, and have a surplus to be a blessing to give to every good work. Once again thank you.

ways you can donate:



You can attend one of our main services and place your donation in the appointed envelope or give by interact.


You can give via email through your banking app:


You can now give online right here by clicking the button below.


Text $ amount to: (226) 640-3511

*The first time you will be sent a link for your information and banking info; after that you will be able to text the amount only.


In the PayPal app enter:

or click the button below.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



Send your seed to:

Faith Builders International

6283 Hawk Crescent,

Kettle Point, ON, Canada

N0N 1J1

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